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DIY sensors

Table of contents

DIY sensors (BTHome)


If you want to create your own DIY sensors, we have introduced the BLE format BTHome. This format tries to provide an energy effective, but still flexible BLE format that can be customized to your own needs. A proof of concept is the latest ATC firmware, which is supporting the BTHome (V1) format (firmware version 3.7 and up). V2 has been released in november 2022, and is supported by BLE monitor as well. It is advised to use the V2 format.

The BTHome format is also available as official Home Assistant integration. More information about the format of BTHome BLE data is provided on the project website.


BTHome can use AES encryption (CCM mode) to encrypt your data. Don’t forget to set the encryption key in your BLE monitor device settings. More information on how to encrypt your messages is demonstrated in this script (V2).