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This Home Assistant custom component is an alternative for the standard build in mitemp_bt integration and the Bluetooth LE Tracker integration that are available in Home Assistant. BLE monitor supports many more sensors than the build in integration from manufactures like ATC, BlueMaestro, Brifit, b-parasite, Govee, Inkbird, iNode, Jinou, Kegtron, Moat, Oral-B, Qingping, Ruuvitag, Sensirion, SensorPush, Teltonika, Thermoplus, Xiaogui, Xiaomi and even your own DIY sensors . Unlike the original mitemp_bt integration, which is getting its data by polling the device with a default five-minute interval, this custom component is parsing the Bluetooth Low Energy packets payload that is constantly emitted by the sensor. The packets payload may contain temperature/humidity/battery and other data. Advantage of this integration is that it doesn’t affect the battery as much as the built-in integration. It also solves connection issues some people have with the standard integration (due to passivity and the ability to collect data from multiple bt-interfaces simultaneously). Read more in the FAQ . BLE monitor also has the possibility to track BLE devices based on its (static) MAC address or its UUID. It will listen to incoming BLE advertisements for the devices that you have chosen to track.


Credits and big thanks should be given to:

  • @Magalex and @Ernst for the component creation, development, and support.
  • @koying for implementing the configuration in the user interface.
  • @Thrilleratplay for the Govee sensor support and Jekyll documentation
  • @tsymbaliuk for the idea and the first code.